Elevator Pit Repair | How To Stop and Seal Active Water Leaks

A Technical Podcast Covering

Elevator Pit Repair with Chemical Grouts

A Conversation Between Two Industry Professionals
Episode 6
Your Host: Chris Coderre, SealBoss Corp.

Our Guest:

Jim Andrews

American Restore

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Elevator Pit Repair with Chemical Grouts

“…You have to be sensitive to the owners wallet…”

A conversation with Jim Andrews, a tenured industry veteran with 30 years of experience in the waterproofing and restoration industry.

In this episode, Jim shares his experience with the many aspects of elevator pit repair.

” …You know, sometimes you have to use different chemistries. We’re lucky that we’ve been doing it a long time. So we got all kinds of weird equipment for multi ratio and stuff and then we’ve got guys that have been doing it a long time. We give the techs the tools and the chemistry and they go out and attack these things. … “

Thank you Jim for being a guest on our show! 

Jim Andrews

With over 30 years of innovative specialty contracting that ranges from the basics of concrete construction and repair to highly specialized and exotic waterproofing methods, Jim Andrews has cultivated extensive experience with a wide variety of project types. Jim is highly experienced in all aspects of shot blasting and related concrete reparation for specialty topping, coating and waterproofing systems, with extensive knowledge of all types of concrete restoration methodologies, specialty floorings, coatings, injection and all aspects of grouting. His specialized training, knowledge, and hands-on experience have included projects in civil, industrial, public and private construction improvements with field investigations featuring bonded overlays, topping systems, and heavy public and private sector industrial slabs.”

American Restore, Huntington Beach, CA

“American Restore is a specialty contractor with over 30 years of experience in the waterproofing and repair industry. No matter the project, no matter the size, we believe in always pursuing quality and excellence on all our projects. Because of this belief, customer service and attention to detail are our key principles. From the initial product selection, through the design process and installation, to the finished product, American Restore is committed to working with you and your organization to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective solution to your waterproofing problems.”