Importance of Mockups | Curtain Wall Grouting | Negative Side Injection Waterproofing

A Technical Podcast Covering

The Importance of Mockups | Below Grade Injection Waterproofing​

A Conversation Between Two Industry Professionals
Your host: Chris Coderre, SealBoss Corp.
Our guest today:
Jake Holland, Summit Sealants Inc. | Colorado and Washington

Predictive Mockups | Curtain Wall Grouting Techniques, Products and Injection Packers

A conversation with experienced injection specialist and installer Jake Holland of Summit Sealants Inc.

“The Mockup is Worth its Weight in Gold”

In this episode Jake explains how mockups help improve injection job performance and predict successful outcome.

Jake provides some insight into specific injection techniques, product characteristics and preferred packer sizes for curtain wall grouting

Jake Holland studied at Colorado State University in the Project Management Program. He has over fifteen years of experience in commercial construction, waterproofing, structural restoration, and historical restoration. He comes from a long line of experience in the sealant trade and has proven himself to be a top project manager handling some of the most high profile restoration projects in Colorado. He is well versed in the restoration and repair industry, and has extensive experience in high rise restoration and structural repair. Jake has built the Denver based branch of Summit Sealants focusing on large commercial restoration. He has successfully compelled projects requiring soil stabilization, concrete repair and replacement, façade repairs, waterproofing, coating installations, and architectural finished. He has a proven track record of completing difficult projects on schedule and on tight budgets. Jake is an asset to any project.

Summit Sealants has been specializing in waterproofing and water mitigation on commercial structures for over 15 years. With experience in many different applications and many different environments. Summit Sealants understands the needs of the structure.

Waterproofing is an ever-evolving industry with new products and techniques. Summit is heavily involved in testing products outside of the project site, guaranteeing only proven systems are used. Summit Sealants puts training and system awareness at the highest level of importance ensuring successful applications.

Summit Sealants Inc. operates from 4 locations in Colorado and Washington.

Thank you Jake for being a guest on our show!