Elevator Pit Repair | How To Stop and Seal Active Water Leaks

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Elevator Pit Repair with Chemical Grouts

A Conversation Between Two Industry Professionals
Episode 6
Your Host: Chris Coderre, SealBoss Corp.

Our Guest:

Jim Andrews

American Restore

How To Podcast:

Elevator Pit Repair with Chemical Grouts

“…You have to be sensitive to the owners wallet…”

A conversation with Jim Andrews, a tenured industry veteran with 30 years of experience in the waterproofing and restoration industry.

In this episode, Jim shares his experience with the many aspects of elevator pit repair.

” …You know, sometimes you have to use different chemistries. We’re lucky that we’ve been doing it a long time. So we got all kinds of weird equipment for multi ratio and stuff and then we’ve got guys that have been doing it a long time. We give the techs the tools and the chemistry and they go out and attack these things. … “

Thank you Jim for being a guest on our show! 

Jim Andrews

With over 30 years of innovative specialty contracting that ranges from the basics of concrete construction and repair to highly specialized and exotic waterproofing methods, Jim Andrews has cultivated extensive experience with a wide variety of project types. Jim is highly experienced in all aspects of shot blasting and related concrete reparation for specialty topping, coating and waterproofing systems, with extensive knowledge of all types of concrete restoration methodologies, specialty floorings, coatings, injection and all aspects of grouting. His specialized training, knowledge, and hands-on experience have included projects in civil, industrial, public and private construction improvements with field investigations featuring bonded overlays, topping systems, and heavy public and private sector industrial slabs.”

American Restore, Huntington Beach, CA

“American Restore is a specialty contractor with over 30 years of experience in the waterproofing and repair industry. No matter the project, no matter the size, we believe in always pursuing quality and excellence on all our projects. Because of this belief, customer service and attention to detail are our key principles. From the initial product selection, through the design process and installation, to the finished product, American Restore is committed to working with you and your organization to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective solution to your waterproofing problems.”

How To | Leak Sealing Polyurethane Crack Injection | Concrete | Shotcrete

A Technical Podcast Covering

Polyurethane Crack Injection from Start to Finish

A Conversation Between Two Industry Professionals
Episode 5
Your host: Chris Coderre, SealBoss Corp.

Our guest today: 
John Elder
Surfside Restoration & Waterproofing, Inc.

How To Podcast:

Leak Sealing Polyurethane Crack Injection in Concrete and Shotcrete Structures

“… They don’t know chemical Grout…”

A conversation with John Elder, a passionate concrete restoration professional with 30 years of polymer crack injection and concrete restoration experience…. 

In this episode, John shares his experience with chemical grout leak sealing injection from start to finish.

John provides insight into specific injection techniques, product characteristics and shares with you his personal preference for packers. He has some tips on how to deal with rebar when drilling packer holes and how to set packers strategically in adverse circumstances.

Learn about polyurethane foam resin viscosity and how it may affect your injection success.

Epoxy vs Polyurethane Chemical Grout

“… They don’t know chemical Grout…”

Not all specifying engineers are familiar with the multitude of chemical grout products and injection techniques and how to use them correctly. As a contractor you should always voice your concerns. Occasionally the engineers need to be educated to specify the correct product for the job on hand.

John touches on the specific differences between epoxy injection and polyurethane chemical grout injection and when to use which product.

Thank you John for being a guest on our show! 

About Surfside Restoration & Waterproofing, Inc.

“Our past projects include both new construction and repairs/restorations. Occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem. We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization,  with quality workmanship every time.”

” As the owner of Surfside Restoration, I take pride in the fact that I am out there working with my crew on a daily basis. Not only does this help the morale of our crew, it is an added benefit to the contractors who hire us.  They will get the answers they need instantly.  No  waiting for a return call with a guess of what issues may need to be resolved.”  – John Elder

Importance of Mockups | Curtain Wall Grouting | Negative Side Injection Waterproofing

A Technical Podcast Covering

The Importance of Mockups | Below Grade Injection Waterproofing​

A Conversation Between Two Industry Professionals
Your host: Chris Coderre, SealBoss Corp.
Our guest today:
Jake Holland, Summit Sealants Inc. | Colorado and Washington

Predictive Mockups | Curtain Wall Grouting Techniques, Products and Injection Packers

A conversation with experienced injection specialist and installer Jake Holland of Summit Sealants Inc.

“The Mockup is Worth its Weight in Gold”

In this episode Jake explains how mockups help improve injection job performance and predict successful outcome.

Jake provides some insight into specific injection techniques, product characteristics and preferred packer sizes for curtain wall grouting

Jake Holland studied at Colorado State University in the Project Management Program. He has over fifteen years of experience in commercial construction, waterproofing, structural restoration, and historical restoration. He comes from a long line of experience in the sealant trade and has proven himself to be a top project manager handling some of the most high profile restoration projects in Colorado. He is well versed in the restoration and repair industry, and has extensive experience in high rise restoration and structural repair. Jake has built the Denver based branch of Summit Sealants focusing on large commercial restoration. He has successfully compelled projects requiring soil stabilization, concrete repair and replacement, façade repairs, waterproofing, coating installations, and architectural finished. He has a proven track record of completing difficult projects on schedule and on tight budgets. Jake is an asset to any project.

Summit Sealants has been specializing in waterproofing and water mitigation on commercial structures for over 15 years. With experience in many different applications and many different environments. Summit Sealants understands the needs of the structure.

Waterproofing is an ever-evolving industry with new products and techniques. Summit is heavily involved in testing products outside of the project site, guaranteeing only proven systems are used. Summit Sealants puts training and system awareness at the highest level of importance ensuring successful applications.

Summit Sealants Inc. operates from 4 locations in Colorado and Washington.

Thank you Jake for being a guest on our show!

Seawall Repair – Permeation Grouting – Slab Jacking

A Technical Podcast Covering

Seawall Repair | Permeation Grouting
Soil Stabilization | Slab Jacking 

A Conversation Between Two Industry Professionals
Our guest today: Jerald Sargent, Slabjack Geotechnical, Washington
Your host: Chris Coderre, SealBoss Corp.

In this episode Jerald shares his expertise in repairing and stabilizing Seawalls and other structures with single and two component polyurethane foams. Jerald brings over thirty years of successful business ownership and problem solving to the Seattle-area Slabjack company and is regularly consulted about Slabjacking and geotechnical projects large and small in both the USA and Canada.

Slabjack Geotechnical is a Family Owned and Operated Concrete Repair Company with locations in Spokane, Tri-cities, Wenatchee, and Puget Sound. Founded in 2011 by Jerald and Ann Sargent, Slabjack Geotechnical is a full-service concrete service that provides Slabjacking (concrete raising) pressure grouting, concrete crack, and joint sealing repair. They also seal leaking culverts, large diameter pipes, and concrete ditches.

Slabjack Geotechnical provides Commercial, Municipal, and Industrial Services in Washington and Idaho. 

Thank you Jerald for being a guest on our show!

2 – The Industry Triangle

Episode 2
The Industry Triangle
Specifiers – Contractors – Distributors 

A Conversation Between Two Industry Professionals
Our guest today: Mark Phillips, Front Range Specialty Projects, Inc., Colorado
Your host: Chris Coderre, SealBoss Corp.

In this episode Mark  shares his experiences as an independent representative and the importance of the interaction between the specifying engineers, trained contractors and stocking distribution hubs to ensure successful project delivery.

Now residing in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Mark, originally from Redondo Beach, California has over 25 years of relevant experience in the building envelope industry.  He has spanned the realm of industry roles to include installing systems, working for distributors and now is an independent representative for several manufacturers of building envelope products.  

Thank you Mark for being a guest on our show!


Episode 1

Crack Injection with Polyurethane
A Conversation Between Two Industry Professionals

A conversation between our guest Benjamin Ball, VP American Restore and the host Chris Coderre, SealBoss Corp.

Thank you Ben for being the first guest on our show!

Originally from Baltimore Maryland, Ben Ball has been working in the concrete repair industry for over a decade. He has worked on the repair, waterproofing and strengthening of structures ranging from high-rise condominiums to underground concrete vaults.

Listen to Ben Ball and Chris Coderre talk about polyurethane water stop foam and related concrete crack injection procedures, specifications and customer expectations.

Learn how an experienced contractor builds confidence in their applications with clients and much more.

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